Holding on but letting go.

She was solitary, she was strong, She could walk alone, nothing felt wrong. Eternity was a myth to this abandoned soul, Until he came along, made her a whole.   He was joyous, cheesy we could say, Spread happiness and love to give away. A believer of forever, he was one for sure, Till he … Continue reading Holding on but letting go.


Untold, told.

All the things I couldn't say, on that sleepless night we spent, just came pouring out this day, for my heart was to you, lent. We walked through the breezy wind, on the cold  and sandy beach, you tried to hold my hand but I, being an idiot, pushed you away. I watched the moonlight glisten, … Continue reading Untold, told.

Drifted for love.

I didn't believe in magic workers, I didn't believe in miracles, I didn't have  hope for the future, I felt I was in shackles. Love doesn't come easy to most, For love you guys seemed like a wonderful host. Love decided to stay with you, Love patched the differences you sew. Love grew within and around, Making … Continue reading Drifted for love.

Why be the tellers when you can be makers?

I'd like to think a conversation is more of a story. A story in which we are the characters. A story which becomes another story. Conversations are people telling their stories. People keep telling their stories and people pretend to listen to these stories, but all they're doing is waiting for their turn to tell … Continue reading Why be the tellers when you can be makers?

Westernize actions too!

A few days back, me and my aunt were driving home after a long day of shopping. There was an old man riding with his wife right next to us. They were elegantly dressed. Seemed as if they were returning from a gathering of some sort. The old man was wearing a navy blue safari … Continue reading Westernize actions too!

Of Deceiving Lights

What is it , the thing i see? It stole me at a glance, what could it be? Shining in the darkness up so far, I think its my dreamy night sky star.   The star i waited for all day long, for he invigorates my gloomy song, I depend on my dreamy star so … Continue reading Of Deceiving Lights

Object of My Illumination

Like the rays of the sun shine on the ocean waves, and a drop of the morning dew glistens on the leaf's base You bring new glow to my life, You are my sun and you shine so bright.   You shine so bright with love for me, You shine so bright, your love blinds … Continue reading Object of My Illumination