Of Deceiving Lights

What is it , the thing i see?

It stole me at a glance, what could it be?

Shining in the darkness up so far,

I think its my dreamy night sky star.


The star i waited for all day long,

for he invigorates my gloomy song,

I depend on my dreamy star so much,

I forgot what self happiness is as such.

I would lose my mind the day he’s not spotted,

So depended on him, my emotions now blotted,

What would happen when he disappeared?

Would I move on to another, my mind cleared?


Oh wait! I see my star just flicker,

I see another light closer appear,

The light that stole my glance isn’t my dreamy star,

but that of the flight light up so far.


My star so deceiving, was in real a flight light,

this betrayal left me in a horrific plight.

All my joy suddenly went so low,

how did my emotions reap from the actions he sow?

The deceiving star flew on as a flight light

while i was left forlorn, dreary like a wick’s light.

Well, later I found fireflies .


Bottom line is, nothing can make you happy except you.
Depend on yourself for your happiness. Not stars , not flight lights. You.  They might make you the happiest you’ve ever been, but that doesn’t last forever. Its just in the moment. Find your happiness in the things you do. Find it in yourself.. 🙂


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