Westernize actions too!

A few days back, me and my aunt were driving home after a long day of shopping. There was an old man riding with his wife right next to us. They were elegantly dressed. Seemed as if they were returning from a gathering of some sort. The old man was wearing a navy blue safari and the lady was in a pretty pink saree with a gold shiny blouse. They overtook us and went up front when my aunt noticed what the classy old lady was wearing.

“Why does she need a gold shiny shimmer blouse at this age!”, she said.
I was taken aback. This comment from a strong, single, independent woman working in the IT sector, who had traveled to many countries, startled me.
I replied, “Maybe she wasn’t allowed to wear such clothes in her youth, that is why she is enjoying now”.

If this is the comment from an educated person, what is to be expected from others?

Even in the second decade of the 21st century, where there is a rapid growth in westernization of the country, there is still pointing and judging from educated people in the society, on clothes, appearance and preferences!
Why does it bother you what the  other person wears?! Are they forcing their tastes on you?
If a person is expected to be like anybody else, then where is the exceptional? Why is there a word “unique”?

Today, most people judge others based on their looks.
If a girl is too fat, they call her lazy or obsessed with food.
If a dress shows a little cleavage, they come off as slutty.
If she wears a little make up, she’s fake or deceiving.

A person’s preference of apparel and portrayal of physical self is their choice! Deal with it!

There is a saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”. It means that don’t decide whether to read or not read a book based on it colorful or vapid cover, because the cover doesn’t tell you everything. The same stands true for a person. Never judge a person based on their appearance. You did not stand in their shoes. You do not know their story.

It is time we become more open to these little things first and then take over other big issues.

If she wears revealing clothes, dont judge. Its her choice.
If the old lady is dressed in a shiny gold blouse, let it go. Its her choice.
If he wants to wear a pink shirt, deal with it. Its his choice.
Let us not judge or pass comments on people for their physical appearance.

Let us follow this rule: ” If i have nothing nice to say,  i shall keep quiet” 
Let it start from us. Let us take one step at a time. Let us go one day without judging others. Then a week, a month and on and on until it becomes a habit.
Let us boldly ask our adults to stop doing this too.
Let us bring about this good change in us, our adults and our society.

Stop judging.

Its their body, their choice. Deal with it! 


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