Why be the tellers when you can be makers?

I’d like to think a conversation is more of a story. A story in which we are the characters. A story which becomes another story.

Conversations are people telling their stories. People keep telling their stories and people pretend to listen to these stories, but all they’re doing is waiting for their turn to tell their own story. These stories that make up the so-called CONVERSATION become another story.  This a never-ending cycle of people blabbering and people not giving a fuck. It is clearer to understand this when you’ve fallen out of the loop of story telling and observe what actually happens in these conversations between story tellers.

How many of those around you are actually interested in listening to your story?Let us take the usual group of five people who you are telling your story to.

There is always this one person in the group who has no idea what you’re talking about and usually comes up with a “Huh? What” once you’re done.There is this other person who is so engrossed in their own world that they don’t even listen to your story. This type is the lost kind.

Of the other three pretense listeners, there is the judge, the jester and the junkie. Throughout the time you are telling your story, the judge keeps making pessimistic mental notes about your story, so they can throw them at you once you are done. The jester keeps interrupting you with their witty comebacks, trying hard to prove their sense of humor. The junkie is the one listening to your story. And that is only because, as the name suggests, they have a profound affinity towards you.

For a better understanding of this, Rachel (from  F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) is the story-teller, the confused one is Joey, the lost is Phoebe, the judge, jester and junkie are Monica, Chandler and Ross.

Literally, you have no one actually interested in your story. And these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to. So focus on making a story, your story, than wasting time telling existing stories. There will be others to tell yours, but there is only you to make yours. Keep making stories until you actually find the One, truly interested in your story and wants to be the life of it.


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